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The course providers listed on this page offer courses on Nigerian law and practice that we recommend.

Adhinc Integrated Services

Adhinc is a training provider based in Nigeria and which offering training in Nigerian law and practice.
Adhinc offers the Paralegal Diploma Course. It is an interactive, practical course designed to prepare candidates for a paralegal role in the Nigerian legal profession and to enhance his/her productivity.

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Institute of Paralegals Benefits for Law Students

If you take the above course with Adhinc, then:

1) You can have free Affiliate Membership of the Institute for the duration of your legal studies.

2) You can upgrade to a higher grade of membership at a discount of 30% off the first year's fees, i.e.:

Associate Paralegal - only £34.30

Qualified Paralegal - only £62.30

Fellow of the IOP - only £69.30

To be awarded one of the above qualifications you will have to meet the relevant requirements: for information on what they are; to apply to join; and for information about member benefits please click here.

3) You can subscribe free of charge to The Paralegal e-journal

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