Regulatory Practice Notes

The following Institute Practice Notes are available relating to paralegal regulatory issues:

Practice Note 1: Reserved Activities

This Practice Note explains how the carrying out of certain legal services are reserved to specific groups of lawyers regulated under the Legal Services Act 2007. This Practice Note should be read in conjunction with Practice Notes 2 and 5.

Download Practice Note 1

Practice Note 2: Setting up a Paralegal Business

This Practice Note identifies some of the regulatory issues that anyone wishing to set up a business offering legal services should take into account. This Practice Note should be read in conjunction with Practice Notes 1 and 5 .

Download Practice Note 2

Practice Note 5: Client Engagement Letters

This Practice Note explains the need for paralegal law firms/businesses to have proper client engagement letters, and provides a sample client engagement letter.

Download Practice Note 5

All the above are PDF documents. If you have trouble opening PDF documents then either contact us to receive a copy in a different format or download the PDF to your hard drive and then convert it for free to a format of your choice online at or similar.

Just in case you are wondering, Practice Note 3 is not listed above because it provides an insiders' guide on how to enter the paralegal profession and Practice Note 4 deals explains the Institute's national Route to Qualification career path for professional paralegals.





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