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The Institute of Paralegals awards the Diploma in English Law Studies (D.ELS) to the English Law Studies (ELS) Course of the Faculty of Law

The Dean of the Faculty, Professor Juan José Hinojosa , and Professors Miguel Angel Asensio Sánchez and Bruno Rodríguez Rosado, directors of the English Law Studies course, are proud to announce that the University of Malaga’s English Law Studies (ELS) Course (Curso de Extensión Universitaria de Derecho Inglés) has met the required standards for the award of the Institute of Paralegal’s "Diploma in English Law Studies (D.ELS) to students who successfully complete Level 4 of the ELS course. The ELS course has been operating in Malaga since 2010 and the University of Malaga is the first University to receive such approval.

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