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1. General information

2. Number of levels

3. Content

4. The Standards working party

5. Wide applicability

6. Solicitors Regulation Authority compliant

7. Downloading your copy

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The Institute's Competency Standards for Legal Secretaries are designed for legal secretaries already in work and those who aspire to become legal secretaries.

1. General Information

For general information on Competency Standards: their purpose, how they are formatted, how to use them and download them for free, copyright issues, etc, please click here.

2. Number of Levels

The Competency Standards for Legal Secretaries are set at three levels: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced. Broadly these correspond to entry-level, established and senior.

3. Content

The Competency Standards for Legal Secretaries at all three levels cover:

Client Care
Equipment Use
IT Skills
Legal Skills
Managing Information
Managing Others
Managing Workload
Professional Conduct and Compliance
Secretarial Skills
Self Development
Team Work

4. The Standards Working Party

The Competency Standards for Legal Secretaries have been created by the Institute with kind assistance from members of the Standards Working Party.

5. Wide Applicability

The Competency Standards for Legal Secretaries are designed to be used by a wide variety of employers. They work for different types of employer (in-house, law firm etc.) different size of employer (sole practitioner to magic circle firm) and for different practice areas (litigation, IP, commercial, etc.).

6. Solicitors Regulation Authority Compliant

These Competency Standards have been vetted by the SRA for professional conduct compliance purposes.

7. Downloading your Copy

All the following documents are in .PDF format. You can choose another format for free by downloading them and then converting them online for free at or similar.

8. For More Information

We will be delighted to answer your questions. Please contact us via our contact page


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