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Paralegal Professional Register (PPR) fee is already included in the IoP membership fee.
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Your professional details are those relevant to this application. If you practice law at work then give us your work details. If you are applying because, for example, you are a part-time volunteer adviser, then please give us information about your advice work. If you are a student studying law please use this section to tell us about what and where you are studying.

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Do you provide legal advice/assistance to anyone other than your employer?
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Do you work for a regulated entity?
the term regulated entities means “any individual, person, organization, or corporation that is subject to the regulatory jurisdiction of a regulatory body; The regulatory entity itself may be referred to as an "agency", "board", "commission".
Are you regulated by either the OISC or under the Compensation Act?
4.  Your Work/Practice Experience

How many years and months of paralegal work experience do you have:

In your own words, please give details of the actual practice experience you have (if any) which is relevant to your application.

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5.  Your Legal Qualifications

Please list any legal qualifications that you have, or qualifications with a legal element.  

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Please send us a photocopy or email scan of any legal qualifications you are relying on. NB copies are not returned so please do not send originals. Copies do not have to be certified or in colour.

6.  Other Professional Memberships

Please list any other professional memberships/qualifications you have.

Professional Membership
7.  Your Character and Standing

You are required to note here any matters relating to your character and professional standing that we ought to know about when considering your application for membership. In particular, tell us if you have:

- Any disclosable criminal convictions (excluding motoring offences)
- Ever been expelled from/had membership cancelled/suspended by any other professional body – or any application to such a body refused
- Ever had permission to practice in any profession revoked or suspended
- Are an undischarged bankrupt or have an arrangement with creditors pending or in place
- Are or, have been, a member of any other legal professional body

In disclosing information as outlined above concerning your character and professional standing, consideration will be given to your suitability for membership on an individual basis, therefore it is important that you provide as much information as possible in order for us to make a decision.

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8.  What is the preferred method of payment for your membership?
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9.   How Did You Hear About Us?

Please indicate one of the following:

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10.   Do you want to be listed into the PPR website?

The Institute of Paralegals is delighted to inform you of an exciting new project which is being launched in conjunction with the National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP). The IoP and NALP have consulted with key stakeholders in the legal services arena, including the front-line regulators and have set up a voluntary regulatory scheme for Paralegals named the Professional Paralegal Registrar (PPR).  This is in-line with the recommendations made in the Legal Education and Training Review, which is supported by the Legal Ombudsman. The Professional Paralegal Register (PPR) is a voluntary registered scheme to promote professional paralegals as a recognised fourth arm of the legal profession and to enhance consumer choice and protection.

Please fill what you want to be published on the PPR website. The inclusion has a cost of £20 per year.

Do you want to join the PPR?*
Legal Area (PPR)
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Telephone (PPR)
Email (PPR)
Website (PPR)

I hereby apply for election to the Institute of Paralegals
In submitting this application, I acknowledge that:

  1. I am agreeing to the terms of the Declaration of Professional Conduct below
  2. I will comply with the Institute’s Code of Conduct
  3. I will comply with the Institute’s Complaint’s Procedure
  4. I will promptly notify the Institute of any change of circumstances that might affect my suitability to be a member of the Institute
  5. I will promote the Institute and the Paralegal profession as a whole
  6. We reserve the right to refuse membership of any individual applicant where it believes that the said individual may be in breach of our code of conduct or where it has reason to suspect that an individual is involved in any action or situation, whether intentionally or by coincidence, which may bring disrepute upon its members. The Institute does not take such action lightly and does so in the best interests of the Institute as a whole.

Declaration as to Conduct

I agree and undertake that I shall, during my membership of the Institute will do nothing in the workplace or elsewhere, to compromise or impair any of the following:

  • My professional integrity
  • My own reputation, the reputation of the Paralegal profession or the good name of the Institute
  • My obligation to produce work of a professional standard
  • My duties and obligations under law

I further acknowledge that my right to describe myself as a member of the Institute or to use any professional designation bestowed on me are entirely contingent upon my continued membership of, and good standing with, the Institute.


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