Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join?

2. Which grade should I apply for?

3. Can I speak to someone to discuss my particular circumstances?

4. What if I live in the UK but have legal training and experience from overseas?

5. I am already a lawyer in the UK (as opposed to overseas). Can I join?

6. I am a trainee legal executive. Can I join?

7. I am qualified as a lawyer overseas. Can I join?

8. I am an overseas paralegal. Can I join?


1. How do I Join?

You can apply online today, or download a form for completion later: click here

2. Which Grade/Qualification/Designation Should I Apply For?

To see your options please click here.

3. Can I Speak With Someone to Discuss my Situation?

We would be delighted to assist you. You can telephone our membership secretary, Carmen Nadolu on:

020 30341487 (if calling from outside the UK, dial +44 20 30341487)

4. What if I Live in the UK But Have Legal Training/Experience From Overseas?

You need to apply for the UK grade most appropriate for you. Some credit can be given for any overseas experience you have, but not for overseas qualifications: see more (if you are living overseas then all your overseas qualifications and experience may be considered relevant).

5. I am Already a Lawyer in the UK (as Opposed to Overseas). Can I Join?

Yes. The Legal Services Act 2007 recognises eight groups of lawyer: solicitors, legal executives, barristers, trade mark agents, patent agents, law costs draftsmen, notaries and licensed conveyancers. All are entitled to join immediately as Fellows (Fellow of the IOP)

6. I am a Trainee/Associate of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. Can I Join?

You would be most welcome. We appreciate that although pursuing a Cilex qualification right now you may also be a paralegal. We have no problem with "dual nationality". The route to becoming a legal executive can be a long one. We have a number of members happily working towards Cilex status but who want interim professional recognition. We are happy to provide a both a permanent and a temporary home!

7. I am Qualified as a Lawyer Overseas. Can I Join?

You are welcome to join. However we can only formally recognise your overseas qualification, education and experience if you are still resident overseas and want to become an International member.

If you are resident overseas then you are eligible to immediately become a Fellow of the IOP.

8. I am an Overseas Paralegal. Can I Join?

You are very welcome to join. However the above points about UK/Hong Kong/overseas lawyers and recognition of their qualifications etc., also apply to overseas paralegals.


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