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Institute of Paralegals - Recruitment Firms

Recruitment Firms

What are they?

Recruitment firms, sometimes called agencies ("recruiters"), are job agents. They are the middle-men between the employer with a job vacancy to fill and a job hunter. They come in come in all shapes and sizes. There are many one man/women operations and there are large plc recruiters - and all sizes inbetween. They work for you in trying to get you a job but primarily they work for the employer who is actually paying them to find the right recruit. Sometimes they are working for established clients who trust them with their recruitment needs; other times they will have hunted a job just as you do and then try and find someone who is suitable to approach the potential employer with.

The individuals working for the recruitment firms are known as recruitment consultants. Usually they specialise in a particular job sector and It is their business to be expert in it. Accordingly, they can be an excellent source of careers advice.  It is their job to match you to a particular vacancy and to help to persuade the employer that you are the one for the job. Of course, it will ultimately depend on you and how well you perform at interview but the advice of the recruitment consultant can be invaluable. They will often know the employer well and will be able to give you advice tailored to your own skills and qualities; you ignore it at your peril.

There are many recruitment firms who specialise in the legal sector. Traditionally, paralegals have not been well provided for because the work was seen as junior and low paid and the commission that the recruiter could earn was low. This is now changing with the increasing professionalisation and general advancement of paralegals. Not all recruiters take on paralegals but many do and some have specialist paralegal divisions.

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