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So, you have decided that you want to become a paralegal?

Great, it is one of the fastest growing professions in the country!

Where do you look?

1. Working in a solicitors' firm

Use the "find a solicitor" search function on the website of The Law Society of England & Wales at

This free facility will allow you to search for firms by name, location and type of law practiced.

In Hong Kong use the similar search facility on the website of The Law Society of Hong Kong - see their site at

You can also find that information about the larger law firms in 100 countries by visiting the website of the Legal 500 at

2. Working in-house

Working "in-house" means working for the legal department of a company or organisation. There are many sources listing large companies and organisations.  Find out those near you and contact them. NB only larger organisations tend to have in-house legal departments.

3. Working for government

Contact the legal department of your local authority. But also look for vacancies advertised locally for local government departments which have a legal function: e.g.  trading standards, parking enforcement, benefit enforcement, planning appeals etc.

Central government departments and agencies tend to advertise nationally.  Find out which departments and agencies are located in your area and visit their websites.  One such example is the Crown Prosecution Service at

4. Working for paralegal law firms

There is no central directory of paralegal law firms.  However if you wish to work for a paralegal law firm advising on immigration matters then you can find a complete list of paralegal immigration advisers (both commercial and not-for-profit) at the website of the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner at

You can also find many paralegal law firms listed on the Ministry of Justice Claims Management website. Although this site is intended for claims management/referral companies

(a) the distinction between such companies and paralegal law firms it is beginning to blur, and

(b) the governing legislation, the Compensation Act 2006, was drawn so widely that many paralegal law firms are obliged to be registered.

You can see a list of registered firms at


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