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When you apply for paralegal work you are not just applying for a job, you are entering an established sector of the economy with its own hidden rules and expectations.

If you were applying for any job with (say) The Vegan Society you would be expected to understand that using the email address 'Ilovebacon@' wouldn't help your application.

So it is for legal jobs.

You will be dealing with clients in serious/fraught situations and so employers require maturity from paralegals.

So if corresponding by email please ensure that you do not send the wrong signal by using your usual humorous, ironic, sarcastic or political email address.

People applying for a legal practitioner position using email addresses such as fatboy27@ or hurtbutsurviving@ or notoracism@ may well find that their email address alone rules them out.

This may seem unfair - and indeed often is - but:

(a) employers may receive scores or hundreds of remarkably similar applications for a position (same 'A's, same social activities, etc.) and so are often looking for any reason to reject applicants; and

(b) using such an email address shows you don't understand the more subtle rules of the game/expectations

The reasoning is that if you don't know the rules of the game you will be making mistakes, more expensive to train and give a bad impression of the firm.


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