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Our recruitment partner in Hong Kong

There are a number of legal recruitment companies in Hong Kong. However not many deal with paralegals.Most of those that do deal with paralegals will only accept as candidates those paralegals with at least six months to one year's prior paralegal work experience.

The reason for this is that most paralegal employers receive large amounts of unsolicited applications. The applications come from people who want entry-level paralegal positions (there is no such thing as trainee paralegals in the way that there are trainee solicitors. You should talk about entry-level positions.

As paralegal employers receive so many unsolicited applications they do not need to pay legal recruitment companies to find them entry-level paralegals.

A major exception to this rule is CQrecruit.

CQrecruit is a highly innovative online recruitment site focusing totally on the legal profession across the Asia Pacific Region.

They offer the best jobs for lawyers, attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries and professional legal support staff in H.R., finance, I.T. and business development.

The Institute is proud to be working in collaboration with CQrecruit to help further develop the paralegal profession not only in Hong Kong but across the whole Asia Pacific region.

For more information on CQrecruit, and to see what paralegal jobs they have available right now, both for entry-level paralegals and those were more experienced, please visit:


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