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Institute of Paralegals - Career Path

Career Path

The Route to Qualification

The Institute offers a recognised career path for professional paralegals: the Route to Qualification. Its purpose is to provide paralegals and their employers with a simple and consistent paralegal career path based upon standards, proven competency, experience and training.

Why the Route to Qualification was introduced
What is the Route to Qualification?

There are four stages in the Route to Qualification:

1. Affiliate Member

Open to all aspiring to become paralegals who do not have legal practice experience (LPE)

2. Associate Paralegal (A.Inst.Pa)

If you have less than 6 years’ LPE

3. Qualified Paralegal (Q.Inst.Pa)

If you have more than 6 years’ LPE

4. Fellow of the IOP (F.Inst.Pa)

If you have more than 6 years’ LPE plus have passed an approved test/course

Professional Titles for Members
More Information

For more information about the Route to Qualification, please download the explanatory leaflet here (in .PDF format)

If you do not have a PDF reader, please download one for free here

To find out more about the different levels of Institute membership and how to apply, please click here.


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