Information for Employers

Setting Standards, Promoting Professionalism

Our role as the foremost professional representative body for Paralegals is to develop our members to ensure that they are suitably qualified and professional for prospective employers.
Many of our members are also able to offer freelance legal services which is proving to be attractive to employers who need to accommodate short term increases in workload.
Recent developments within the wider legal profession are driving changes to work practices and are continuing to create the demand for a professional, skilled and motivated paralegal workforce. 
We are keen to hear from employers and value those who we are currently working with us to promote the paralegal profession both in the UK and internationally.

Benefits for Employers

There are many benefits that you as an employer will enjoy if your staff become members of the Institute, including:

Cost Benefits

Many paralegals are highly trained and experienced legal practitioners.  The cost to you is generally only a fraction of the cost of hiring a solicitor.  With appropriate training and guidance, you can build a team of experienced paralegals who are able to handle many of your businesses’ regular legal tasks.

Staff Development

We are happy to assist employers who may wish to discuss opportunities for developing the careers of their paralegal staff.


We are happy to assist you in establishing or refining your paralegal training needs by helping to suggest suitable courses for your staff.  In addition we

Corporate Membership

We also offer a Corporate Membership which provides even greater cost savings and recognition of your company or firm by providing corporate status.

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