The Institute is an incorporated, not-for-profit professional body for non-lawyers who do legal work and other non-lawyers working in a legal environment.

Article 1: Name

1.1. The name of the association is The Institute of Paralegals.

Article 2: Statement of Purpose

2.1. The purpose of the Institute is:
2.1.1 To be the representative body for paralegals in the United Kingdom;
2.1.2. To implement general policies with regard to all matters affecting the paralegal profession;
2.1.3. To improve the standards, standing and quality of the paralegal profession, to promote, and improve the services and functions of the paralegal profession, and to represent and act for the paralegal profession generally and also in matters affecting the administration of justice;
2.1.4. In carrying out its purpose, the Institute shall work towards:

Article 3: Area of Operations

3.1. The Institute's primary area of operation is representing paralegals in the United Kingdom
3.2. The Institute will award memberships to paralegals outside of the United Kingdom and may undertake partnerships or activity in other jurisdictions if it benefits the Institute, the paralegal profession or the sector.

Article 4 - Interpretation

4.1. Unless the context otherwise requires:

Article 5 - Membership

5.1. The purpose of the Institute is to assist individuals with their career development as well as enabling the development of the paralegal profession on a national level. Accordingly, the Institute will adopt an inclusive policy welcoming those at the beginning of their careers as warmly as those already well- established.
5.2. Membership will be decided by a Membership Secretary. For all applications relating to individual membership, the Membership Secretary will use its discretion to determine (where relevant) whether the amount and type of legal work and (if appropriate) legal study done is sufficient to warrant membership. In all cases when considering whether or not to grant membership, the Membership Secretary will have regard to an applicant's antecedents and character. The Membership Secretary will also consider whether or not the granting of membership is in the interests of the Institute.
5.3. The Institute will strive for diversity in the paralegal profession. Membership will be open equally to all people irrespective of creed, colour, nationality, ability or disability, age, gender or sexual preference. Membership will also be open to those with spent criminal convictions, however the Membership Secretary will be entitled to take such convictions into account when considering an application.
5.4. The Institute will retain its right to refuse membership if it considers this appropriate.
5.5. There will be the following or similar classification of individual membership:

Corporate membership will be open to any organisations that wish to interact with the Institute or the paralegal profession. The Membership Secretary will use his/her discretion to determine whether a would-be corporate member is of sufficient credibility, relevance and utility to join. The Membership Secretary shall seek guidance from senior staff where appropriate.

Provision will be made to allow retired Fellows to continue using their professional designation in an honorary capacity. Retired Fellows are exempt from all continuing professional development obligations.
The Institute can offer Honorary Fellowship to appropriate individuals. Honorary Fellows are exempt from payment of all dues and continuing professional development obligations.
5.6. Individuals who teach recognized law courses may have their teaching experience count as LPE towards one of the above grades
5.7. Any person desiring to become a member shall submit a written application, and upon acceptance and approval shall be a member. The decision of the Secretariat shall be final.
5.8. The Secretariat is responsible for setting membership fees and membership requirements from time to time
5.9. A Member may be expelled permanently or temporarily from the Institute by the Secretariat for conduct deemed unethical. The Member shall be given the opportunity of explaining his/her/its behaviour before the Secretariat takes any decision. The decision of the Secretariat shall be final.
5.10. A person shall cease to be a member of the Institute:

5.11. A Member is no longer in good standing if he/she has:

 in a serious way, or has contravened it in a more minor way but has failed to rectify the breach for two or more months, where such breach can be rectified, or has failed to disclose matters that cast doubt on your suitability to become a member of the Institute

Article 6 - Amendments

6.1. This constitution can be amended at any time by the Secretariat.



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